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Beach Yoga Classes 

  • Monday 6.30am
  • Tuesday 6.30am 
  • Thursday 6.30am
  • Sunday 9.30am
  • Beach Yoga starts back on 30th January 2024

Private sessions also available

Zoom Yoga Classes

  • Tuesday 8.00pm 
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    Topic: Your Evening Yin (every Tuesday 8 pm)

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Private sessions also available

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What is Yoga?

Yoga means to yoke, 'union'.

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice from India.

But what does it mean to you? 

In the beginning, to me, it was curiosity. After that, Yoga meant a 'fix' to my poor respiratory system, a cardio, strength, and flexibility workout all-in-one, and a practice to complement my boxing and weight training. 

Later on, Yoga became a dedicated space for me-time, allowing me to refresh my prana/qi flow after having a baby. Then, to help me overcome emotional and mental stress during difficult times. Next was creating the path to full immersion, to study Yoga in India, and intrinsically wanting to share this holistic practice.
Yoga, to me, means a journey. What does Yoga mean to you?